5 Common Web Design Mistakes


We Should Avoid in Website Creation When it comes to designing a website, we all feel like we are web experts or know what we want, but this is not the case. Yours website is not grabbing the customers’ attention, why? This may be because you have made some common mistakes in the web design due to which the prospective clients quickly click the back button and the bounce rate is higher. But what are those common mistakes? Let’s have a look at it.

Obsolete Design and Images

Most of us think that websites need not to be trendy, but this is actually wrong. Getting the website visibility is a challenging task. Your website should all the time be up to date in terms of information and aesthetics because if the visitor would find it outdated, it might allow him to assume that you are no longer offering such services or not in the business any more. Remember that where your website represents your online presence, it equally signifies your business personality. By using enticing, bright and contemporary design and images, you can attract the potential clients for your products and services.

Unclear or No Call to Action

Have you ever thought why most websites use call to action? There are two reasons behind it, to
encourage users to get them engaged in your business products and services and to help in increasing the sales and profits. Always remember that your call to action must be present on the landing page. Usually websites create a form against such call to action to help the users simply fill in the form with the important information and click “submit”. The attached form should be simple so that the users can easily fill in the form or contact you. In case you are not using the call to action, your contact info must be easily accessible.

Non Existence of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are the common social media platforms used by majority of the sites to promote their business. Traditional marketing tools have almost been obsoleted due to the onset of social media marketing and content marketing. These days, what actually is focused is the creation and curation of the relevant and useful content that is later used for promotional purposes. Sometimes the business persons overlook the placement of social media icons on their website or web page by considering it as an unnecessary feature. This is, however, inappropriate in today’s era. It is essential for your business to create a community through social media where you can introduce your new or special offers related to the products and services.

Absence of Non-Responsiveness in Web Design

While creating a website, some businesses ignore the element of responsiveness in a web design. Non responsive websites restrict SEO and deters the potential clients to take a visit to your online store. In today’s technological era, people prefer responsive sites so they can make a purchase via smartphones and tablets.

Bad User Experience Due To Inconsistent and Cluttered Web Design

You would have observed numerous websites comprising irrelevant text with useless or dull images and
difficult to read fonts. This makes the site less attractive for the potential users. To make your information contemporary, you need to use nice and catchy images in web design process. Moreover, use of appropriate and readable fonts with alluring color schemes lets the site to interact with the clients, thus giving them a platform where they would love to come time and again.

If you have created your website by yourself and you are just tired of looking at its layout, colors, graphics, fonts, etc. then just ask the expert to have a look at your website. Might be that the expert could find those flaws that you were unable to see. Furthermore, other experts can bring new ideas foryour website.

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