3 Reasons Why You Need Responsive Web Design


In today’s technological era, an online presence of your business is must to succeed in the competition. A website always represents an online presence, so it should be effective in terms of web design and content. No doubt that engaging the customers online holds numerous ways, but it is a challenging task. Social media marketing, email marketing and various other techniques are used to run the marketing campaigns, but the most effective way to enhance the website visibility and gaining traffic is to make the most of your online business through a web design particularly a responsive web design.

A responsively designed website has the ability to identify the screen size on which the website has been opened and modify itself accordingly. It ensures smoothness, consistency and gives an ideal experience to the user. Good user experience is necessary for every business website and it is based entirely on the responsive design.

But you can think as to why you need to use responsive web design. Here are its reasons.

Saves Time and Money

You would be thinking as to how the responsive web design can save time and money. A simple non responsive design of website needs loads of versions since the site has to be opened on various smartphones and electronic gadgets. Multiple versions of the same site would always require multiple updates whenever you will update your regular website. It means that a lot of effort and time would be spent by your developer to update each individual version of the site that will result in a higher cost. When designing a responsive website, you will only update once and all the versions of your site will automatically appear with that update. So, we can say that a responsive website is cost and resource effective.

Enhances Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to attract new customers for your business? Then, it’s necessary to appear in the search engine results, but you need a high SEO ranking to show your business visibility. The SEO ranking in the search results entirely depend upon how popular and qualitative your website is.

One element that impacts SEO is the number of clicks you get for the website. A responsive web design assists in enhancing the SEO. This is so because your content doesn’t get duplicated due to single version of the site.  Multiple site versions can lower the SEO ranking. If you want to increase clientele, you must have high SEO ranking for your website in the search results.

Makes Tracking Easier

In case you have multiple versions of your website, tracking the number and type of visitors accurately would be quite difficult. For an online business, it is essential to keep a track of the site statistics so to customize your business site according to the people requirements. With site statistics, you can easily see as to which web pages are mostly visited and at what time. This can help you to improve the site so to convert the prospective clients into a permanent one. Responsive website is easier to track because there is a single version. With multiple versions, you would have to work in shape of collecting statistics in pieces for different sites.

To make an online business a successful one, you need to realize that responsive web design is more important than a simple design. Once your site is developed and coded in a responsive way, it will eliminate all your headache and tension by saving your time and money and increasing its visibility inthe search engine results. You can do this in multiple ways. Just take assistance from our experienced dudes for info.